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By Dr. Janice Brown

  • SolePath Colouring Page

Dr. Janice has a great love of creation expressed through art, poetry and the written word. As a double Intellectual, she knows the value of appropriate mental distraction and colouring is one of the ways Dr. Janice enjoys resting her mind. 

During a time of uncertainty, balance is important to cultivate and so Dr. Janice chose to share a playful image that is a reflection of the Tai Chi, the balance of light and dark, yin and yang; a classical symbol of Chinese medicine and the Tao.

Dr. Janice's colouring book, A SolePath Colouring Book Journey is a reflection on some of the SolePath teachings of the different energies of the Tao and the ways they express in your everyday life. 

A positive affirmation you can contemplate while colouring this playful image is, "I am happy, whole and balanced and I choose to be allowing."

Please enjoy!