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By Dr. Janice Brown DTCM RAc

  • Unexpected Joy

I’m feeling fortunate right now, I am watching something blossom into a new shape and form; the Stroke Recovery program at Acupuncture Collective. I sit here and I watch my beautiful friends and colleagues doing incredible, absolutely amazing work and I wonder if the people that come to see them really know how fortunate they are to have the gift of their collective wisdom and brilliant presence.

When you walk through the door, you’ll get a masked greeting that just can’t convey everything that comes through in their currently hidden but warm and welcoming smiles. Just remember to look for the twinkle and compassion in their eyes and you’ll know that you’re safe and in good hands. 

You’ll be greeted, “Hi, I’m Dr. Heather” and “Hellooo, I’m Dr. Allan”, and then they’ll dive into a deep conversation about you. Because that’s why they are here…for you. 

But I’m here to tell you there is so much more behind their humble and down-to-earth manner. You’ll get a “Let’s do this!” and always a burst of enthusiasm because these folks love their work. Not only do they love it; their insights and their a-ha’s are unmatched. Their knowledge when they are working together is more than one plus one, it’s exponentially vast in perspective. You’ll understand this after you’ve spent a little time with them.

Dr. Heather Fulker DTCM RAc

Heather Fulker Calgary Acupuncture 1

In life there are constraints, some are self-imposed, some are rules or regulations and some are a result of life experiences that change your day-to-day. I’ve know Dr. Heather since she was a student in Chinese medicine and from day one she was there to find ways to work with the brain and find new understandings or perspectives on how to help people find hope and enthusiasm in their life after catastrophic brain injury. She knows brain injury, and the struggle and disheartedness that comes with that bundle.

Dr. Heather spent 17 years at ARBI (Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured). She wasn’t just doing a job working with people who had stroke or brain injury using traditional rehabilitation; she was helping people find life again.

Dr. Heather knows that people aren’t just going to therapy to learn how to eat or walk or talk again, they are there to embrace life and living in a way that they hadn’t anticipated. In a way they couldn’t have foreseen or visualized, and that she’s helping them walk a new path towards finding independence and life satisfaction.

Over the years, Dr. Heather has helped hundreds of survivors get back to life and have a better quality of life through traditional therapies. And now, Dr. Heather is pushing people to thrive with new perspectives on what can be achieved, she’s opening doors and showing others how they can too. That life has room to hold unexpected joy.

When I was the Dean of Academics at CITCM, Heather walked into my office and said, “I want to do a research study. I want to find a way to show that acupuncture helps and can make a difference. I want to do this the right way so people understand and can embrace it. I will do all the leg work (or arm work), I will do the study, I will find the people…I will find a way. Please just give me permission.” So, we took it to the Executive Director, and you know what? Persuasive Heather got her way.

She did all the applications, the reams of paperwork for HREBA (Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta), found the physiatrists, the occupational therapists, the DTCM (Dr. Allan). And that, leg work?  She did it all and she got it rolling.

Heather collected the people on this path. She found Dr. Allan and she said, “You can, and you must.” And he said, “I’m in, 100%. This is exactly why I get up in the morning, to do acupuncture that makes a difference. Let me needle people! I want to needle all of the people!”

Dr. Allan Fradsham DTCM RAc

Allan Fradsham Calgary Acupuncture 1

So, what about Dr. Allan?

Now, there’s a man that was born to do acupuncture. He lives, eats and breathes these philosophies and understandings. When he’s not at the clinic, he’s either one of two places…dragging his kids through a forest or teaching with such passion and flare that he’s like a honey bee collecting pollen, and those lucky students get to stick to him and follow him where ever he goes.

He has a very unique ability to share these concepts of Chinese medicine thinking in a way that everyone can understand and embrace. There are subtleties to this, and he catches them like a wisp of smoke. And when that happens, things change. Minds open.

Acupuncture is a subtle medicine with swift results and when you understand what is happening, understand what the body is conveying to you, understand what is not being said as much as what is being said, things change.  Dr. Allan is a listener and he transforms that into treatments that have great clinic results. He is definitely a results driven clinical practitioner.

Not only does Dr. Allan teach the fresh minds that are undertaking careers in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, he also taught Chinese medicine theory to western doctors at the University of Ottawa Medical School. Dr. Allan feels so deeply about the advances and potentials that acupuncture can bring that he even named his son after one of his favourite teachers, Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan who is the namesake of Dr. Allan’s young son Tanner. Dr. Allan is currently a faculty member at CITCM Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Do you see what I see?

What an incredible team! If you are in need of stroke recovery treatment, there’s nowhere else that brings this wisdom, this knowledge and this experience together. Dr. Allan and Dr. Heather are the Stroke Recovery team at Acupuncture Collective and they are here to make a difference.

Meet Dr. Heather and Dr. Allan and check out some testimonials at this video link.

Do you need stroke recovery treatment? Does someone you know? Make sure you send them over because they are helping people right now. Go see Dr. Allan and Dr. Heather for a free consult and initial treatment, they have a plan and financial options that can work for you. They’ve even had clients set up go-fund me pages because they are so motivated to keep following the progress they’ve been gaining.

And it’s working, people are feeling better all the time. Right now, they are inviting people into their stroke recovery program, so go check it out. 

Remember, you don’t always know how the moment is going to go; but why not open yourself up to unexpected joy and take it from there?

On Purpose and in Grace,

Dr Janice Brown DTCM RAc
Certified SolePath Mentor

Dr Janice has been involved in the health care field for over 22 years, she began her study of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in 2008 and is a proud team member of Acupuncture Collective in Calgary. Dr Janice has a clinical focus on helping people embrace their true nature and self through emotional and mental awareness and a little acupuncture persuasion.