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TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) understands that reproduction is one of the most biologically taxing acts the body performs. To undertake this task, the body must be ready and rested. If there are issues with fertility, Acupuncture can help promote blood and body fluid movement in areas that are stagnant. This will help conception, gestation and create an environment for a healthy delivery. Acupuncture can also set up Mom to have the resources to breast feed the new baby.

There can be many causes of infertility that TCM will look at, and all are treated differently.  Since both partners play a role in fertility, TCM treatments can be for either or both people involved.

Planning for conception and preparing the body properly is one of the keys to a healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby. You wouldn’t start training for a marathon after the gun goes off, so it makes sense to come in for treatments to prepare the body for conception.