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Our Practice

Acupuncture Collective is a group of wellness professionals based in the heart of Calgary on 17th Avenue SW. Our team of Acupuncturists, Chinese Medicine Doctors and Massage Therapists are dedicated to helping our community thrive. 

In a world that moves fast, our team takes time. Time to listen. Time to assess. Time-tested practice. Time to research current medical understandings. Time to investigate the best options for your current health care needs.

Our Approach

Our care blends the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with western biomedicine. We strive to rebalance your body to its natural rhythm so it can perform its innate abilities to heal, prevent disease and maintain optimal health.

Classic Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture

Massage Therapy


Herbal Therapy

SolePath Mentoring

SolePath Colouring Page
A SolePath Colouring Page For You
08 April

Download and print a page from Dr. Janice's book, A SolePath Colouring Book Journey.

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We Are Pausing In-Clinic Services
18 March

We are temporarily pausing our in-clinic offerings, effective March 18.

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Calgary Acupuncture new blog post_Wind
Looking through the window of Nature – Wind
14 March

In Chinese medicine, we talk about wind a lot. Wind is the fundamental sign of movement, it brings change. We commonly call this the “Winds of Change”...  

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