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Calgary Facial Acupuncture
5 Reasons To Choose Cosmetic Acupuncture Over Botox
10 February

Cosmetic Acupuncture, also known as Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, is rapidly growing in popularity as a natural approach to slow the signs of aging.

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Unexpected Joy
Unexpected Joy
12 August

I’m feeling fortunate right now, I am watching something blossom into a new shape and form; the Stroke Recovery program at Acupuncture Collective...

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Stroke Recovery
Top Ten Reasons to use Acupuncture for Stroke Recovery
08 July

Check out the top ten reasons you should be using Acupuncture in your stroke recovery!

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COVID19 Clinic Protocols
COVID-19 Clinic Protocols
11 June

We are re-opening on June 13 and have new protocols in place to keep our space safe.

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Energies of Nature Calgary Acupuncture
Rhythm of the Tao Meditations
13 April

You are invited to enjoy a contemplative understanding of the different energies of the Tao: Fire, Earth, Lake, Thunder, Heaven, Water, Mountain, Wind and finally the Tai Chi.

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SolePath Colouring Page
A SolePath Colouring Page For You
08 April

Download and print a page from Dr. Janice's book, A SolePath Colouring Book Journey.

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We Are Pausing In-Clinic Services
18 March

We are temporarily pausing our in-clinic offerings, effective March 18.

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Calgary Acupuncture new blog post_Wind
Looking through the window of Nature – Wind
14 March

In Chinese medicine, we talk about wind a lot. Wind is the fundamental sign of movement, it brings change. We commonly call this the “Winds of Change”...  

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Clinic Updates Calgary Acupuncture
Clinic Updates Re: COVID-19
13 March

In our efforts to keep our community, friends and family safe, we are taking the necessary clinic and care precautions regarding the COVID-19 situation.

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Acu Nidra Calgary Acupuncture
Join us for Acu-Nidra
15 January

Join Acupuncturist Sarah Graham and Yoga Instructor Jenny Asmus for a blissful afternoon of Acu-Nidra at Yoga Nova Studio in Altadore.  

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