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SolePath Mentoring

SolePath Mentoring is a powerful and gentle guidance for people who have a desire to explore their SolePath at a deep and meaningful level. Your SolePath is your subconscious self. Your behavior, your attitudes, and your beliefs are all a sub-conscious response to what is going on around you and this response is governed by your SolePath imprint. It governs and regulates your response to everything that impacts your life. SolePath Mentoring is self-paced it is a directional navigation that assists you in making your own powerful choices.

Please note: You must have your SolePath Analysis completed prior to having a SolePath Mentoring session. (see link in resources)

Understanding your SolePath will help you:

  • Understand who you were born to be
  • Embrace your gifts and greatness
  • Understand the impact you have on others
  • Connect you to your wisdom
  • Understand your interpersonal relationships
  • Aid you in making beneficial career choices
  • Steer away from your collapsed energy
  • Understand your personal health challenges
  • Guidance for life’s big choices and decisions
  • Allow you to be completely and uniquely you

SolePath Resources