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By Dr. Janice Brown

  • Energies of Nature Calgary Acupuncture

Have you ever wondered how the different energies of nature impact your everyday life? About the way you experience your relationships and the ways you move through the day with either grace or challenge?

You are invited to enjoy a contemplative understanding of the different energies of the Tao: Fire, Earth, Lake, Thunder, Heaven, Water, Mountain, Wind and finally the Tai Chi.

Over the span of the next few months, a series of 10 short (10-15 minute meditations) on the Daily Pulse rhythm of the Tao are being shared through video reflections on the Trigrams of the Tao.

These meditations were created by Dr. Debra Ford Msc. D, the founder of the SolePath Institute and are based on her latest book Daily Pulse rhythm of the Tao. 

The Acupuncture Collective's Dr. Janice is also a certified SolePath mentor and has collaborated on the creation of the videos for this meditation series and she is sharing them for those who wish to enjoy a moment of positive reflection and understanding of these energies of nature. 

Here are the first three meditations:

  1. Introduction 
  2. Fire Trigram 
  3. Earth Trigram 

You will find a series of contemplation questions pinned in the comments section of the videos for journaling.

If you enjoy these meditations, you may also enjoy joining the free meditations that are offered through Zoom on Mondays at 4pm mountain time. The Daily Pulse Monday Meditations are one hour in length and include reflections on the light and dark aspects of each trigram of the Tao. One trigram is covered each week.  Today (Monday April 13th) we will be looking at the Lake Trigram of the Tao. The sessions are a combination of meditation and journaling so please be prepared to spend some time writing.

If you have questions about the meditations or SolePath, Dr. Janice is available for 30-minute complimentary mentoring conversations.